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   Goldtop 2000 Limited is a prestigious and experienced manufacturer for OEM / ODM electronic products. We integrate advanced technology into telecommunication, Mobile Phone to produce innoviation products.

We produce a variety of products.  Our product lines includes all type of  GSM MOBILE PHONE such as Feature , Senior , Smartphones ,   PMR  Walkie Talkie,  and All types of CORDED Phones.

   We provide vertically integrated Euro design and manufacturing services to meet our customers' requirements. We are ONE STOP SHOP which you can rely based on our Long year experience. We experience in production management for plastic injection, tooling, SMD, metal parts and production lines.

   We have extensive experience in passing FCC, CE, ETL, CEC, WEEE, RoHS, PAH & REACH standards. Our R&D department is equipped with advanced equipment and our engineers are familiar with safety standards.

   We are also experience on Quality Standards based on customer requirements on different countries all over.

   We pride ourselves to produce for a wide customer base of major A brand companies in Europe & USA.


We pride ourselves to produce for a wide customer base of Major profectional Brand companies in Europe & U.S.A.

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We have engineer service teams, dealing with all kinds of customer counseling and maintaining requests. We can provide professional and quick after-sale technical service. As planned inspection of the specific tasks performed by the progress and quality, to ensure that the specific implementation schedule, quality is completed, the company's rapid development has laid a solid foundation.

Quality management system by the company as general manager of the management representative, responsible for organizing and keeping within the company, and be continuous improvement.

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